The Surge of Global Travellers in Asia




Asia is the world’s largest continent. It has a rich history that dates back to thousands of years. It has housed the most advanced civilizations of the past. Asia has also abundant of natural resources, which helps it to possess most of the fertile lands in the world. This abundance and fertility has also made it the most populous continent in the world. Though in the recent past, the countries of Asia were economically affected due to colonization and world wars, most of the countries have developed and play a significant role in world economics. India and China are predicted to be future super powers.

Why are Asian people travelling more?

There is a rapid growth in technology, infrastructure, industries and global reach. This growth has significantly improved earnings of Asian people. With improved earnings, spending capacity has also increased thereby improving the complete lifestyle. One important factor of modern lifestyle besides, appearance, property and valuation is travel. Travelling for leisure or vacationing has become a norm for today’s living. Asian countries have long been raking profits of through tourism industry. Tourists from North America and Europe travelled east to experience culture, tradition and natural wonders. Due to globalisation and increased spending capacity there is a sudden spurt of interest in Asian travellers to different countries. Many European and North American countries have identified this, and are luring Asian tourists, by offering compatible packages like .



  • The topmost countries in total number of tourists travelling are United States of America, followed by France and China. But the amount of money spent by tourists is highest in China followed by United States of America and Germany.
  • According to another survey the most preferred travel destination by Asians is Europe, followed by Middle Eastern Countries and then North America.
  • In terms of most preferred international travel destinations France is the lead. Second is North America and third position is secured by China.
  • The top Asian countries - China, India, Japan and Singapore have a huge part of travellers that travel for leisure as compared to a very small yet significant part who travel for reasons related to work.
  • This growth has dramatically increased in a short period of time. The count of only Chinese travellers has increased eight times from the year 2000 to 2012 in a mere span of twelve years.
  • The prediction for Asian traveller’s states that the numbers would grow exponentially.


How are other countries attracting Asian travellers?

With such facts and figures rest of the countries are employing different tactics to attract this surge of tourists towards their countries. The tactics include:

    Ease of Visa Process: Entering another country requires a formal process of verification and authentication, after which the said country approves the visitor’s entry in form of a visa. For most of the countries, obtaining a visa is a lengthy process. This deters the traveller. To lure tourists many countries have eased tourist visa norms. There are certain countries that provide Visa on arrival. And a few of them do not require a visa at all. Also, most of the tourist countries have decreased their visa fees. Increased flights connections: One way of assuring increased tourists is by assuring abundant air travel options. This provides the traveller with competitive prices to choose from. There are lots of discounts and packages offered. Employing regional employees: To make it easier for tourists to understand and cross the language barrier many countries have started employing region specific employees in positions where direct interaction with the tourists is required. Positions such as guides, agents, drivers etc. This also helps the tourists to feel safe and a sense of belonging in an alien country.


Growth of Cruise travel in China:

Cruising is relatively newer way of holidaying. Cruising is different from other ways of vacationing, in the sense that other vacationing types aim is to reach a destination using a mode of transportation, whereas cruising is enjoying the whole travelling experience as such. Though cruises too visit different locations, be it local or international, it is not the main feature of the cruise experience.

Why is Cruising Growing in Popularity in China?

The American Cruise market is growing steadily, but the Chinese cruise market is growing exponentially. The demand of cruises is high and it is predicted to rocket in the near future. In the year 2015 China had an estimated amount of more than one million tourists who travelled in cruise. This phenomenon is part of the overall increase in global Chinese travellers. Exposure to western culture and standards of living has raised expectations and re-defined luxury. Combined with increased spending capacity a desire for new luxurious, leisure activities has aroused. Cruise is glorified in modern culture and is projected as an elite taste. This fuels the urge to experience it more. When such an opportunity is presented in form of budget friendly cruise deals, more people try to experience this novel experience.


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