Increase in Cruise Liners in China:



China is not only growing exponentially in cruising tourists but is also increasing its own lines of cruises. Every year new cruises are being launched. There are cruises that are local as well as international, the most popular destination being Japan. Chinese people are highly traditional yet appreciate an international experience. This is where China based cruises work perfectly.


Major Cruise liner companies such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise line etc. are keen on investing in the emerging market. Most of the major cruise liner companies have launched their ships in China already. Most of these liners are customised to include Chinese traditions and are made to feel more like home by their designs which incorporate Chinese exclusive factors such as Panda, bamboo, traditional colours, décor and food.


To conclude Asia as a whole and China in particular is a hotspot for tourism, both inbound and outbound. The proverbial ‘Look East’ saying is growing strong in its meaning day by day. Travelling is a way of discovering one’s true self. Travelling is the only way that is beneficial at both an individual as well as national level.


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